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Welcome to the new “Straddie Pub”

Old Straddie PubThe old hotel, affectionately known as the “Straddie Pub”, first opened for business in July 1962. It was built under very difficult conditions. Building materials were transported to the island by barge and then trucked across to Point Lookout on soft-sand roads that were notoriously treacherous to negotiate.

Supplies arrived in the same way, with the old beer truck struggling up “Pub Hill” once a week to allay the thirst of the fishermen and campers who were the main customers. A bogged truck meant a few “freebies” for the willing hands ready to push it to the door where the liquid gold was dispensed.

The pub has gathered a rich folklore over the years – wild brumbies eating bread off customers’ tables, chooks roosting in the famous tree out front, carpet snakes in the bar and ceiling, tall tales of huge fish being weighed in, etc.

The famous week-long Straddie Fishing Classic was run from the old pub for many years from 1991.

The first draft of plans for the new hotel went to Council in 1999. After running the gauntlet of a small group of powerful objectors and several court cases, the old buildings were finally demolished in January 2006.

New Straddie Pub TerraceThe design of the complex was inspired by the manta ray shape – manta rays are often seen from the headland at Point Lookout. There are seven buildings in the complex – three for the hotel and four which are devoted to the strata-titled, three and four-bedroom apartments. The configuration of the buildings is itself in a manta ray shape.

The new hotel logo is a tribute to the expertise of architect, David Millis, and recognizes the aesthetically pleasing shape this configuration makes.

The new business is officially known as the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel, but the “Straddie Pub” will be a label that is bound to be hard to shake!

Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel is the ideal place to unwind and is one of North Stradbroke Island’s most spectacularly located accommodation sites.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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