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Why employees leave beach destinations more motivated than the boardroom

We all know the feeling of being sunken deep into that office chair during a grueling meeting, sipping on that lukewarm tap water that’s been sitting on the boardroom table for hours. As you listen to your boss drone on and on, while day dreaming out the window wishing you were at some tropical destination, sipping on a Mojito on the white sandy beach. It sounds incredibly bias but beach destinations are the things in life you can forever dream about and Stradbroke Island is the destination in that dream. The real dream is being at work and at the dream location. It almost sounds too good to be true but beach destinations for work events have been proven to improve employee motivation and participation within the workplace. How, you ask?

The aftermath it has on your body

The benefits of beach destinations are extraordinary on an employees mind and body. Your vitamin D levels go flying through the rough, your skin adores you for the constant pure fresh ocean air, your body gets some much needed R&R – you have the best night sleeps in months. The benefits of a beach destination don’t stop there, the beach and its vitamins and minerals also help boost and strengthens your immune system. Just imagine you and your boss having a deep muscle massage and cucumber facial? Everone knows if you work hard, you can rest hard!

Becoming one with work

Beach destinations like those of the Stradbroke Hotel, encourages individuals to discover greater personal and intimate relationships with employees. The well deserved R&R with your colleagues lets you bond on another level not possible at the office or boardroom. Develop those relationships with a little afternoon fishing action, morning yoga together or 4WD driving through the bush, and let those relationships blossom and bloom. Not only will your staff develop a greater personal appreciation for their colleagues but also for their company.

What are you worth?

Hosting a corporate event at a beach destination showcases you value and expresses gratitude to you both, as a person and employee. In turn your value as an employee has a domino effect on the commitment, satisfaction, productivity and efficiency within your company. Discover your value at Stradbroke.

In the words of Lara Bingle “where the bloody hell are you”? Book a corporate event at Stradbroke Island Hotel and transform and increase your workplace motivation and productivity.

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