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Why Stradbroke Island is every child’s dream come true?

As adults we can all probably agree that we have fond and vivid memories of summer adventures that our parents would take us on during the Aussie summer school holidays. Soaking up those summer rays, swimming from dusk till noon in the Australian salty water and playing card games on the balcony with the family as those pesky mosquitos would start to eat you alive.

Start that tradition with your kids, create memories that will last a lifetime and make their summer holidays a dream come true!

The high pitch nagging
There is never a dull moment at the Stradbroke Island Hotel, it’s funny when you are here you will never hear a complaint or nagging from your kids when there amongst the natural elements and surrounded by endless activities. From bushwalking, whale watching, surf school, golf, fishing to lawn bowls. The famous line of “I’m bored” will be non-existent, there are to many things to do and see; your kids won’t have time to say it.

Swim till your hearts content
As Aussies we grow up being surrounded by the ocean and the beach, we all tend to have an inner mermaid in all of us. We are born, bred and raised to be little swimmers. It’s in our blood. Lucky for you and your kids, Stradbroke is set directly on the beach with easy access. So take a towel, a boogie board and some fruit and set up shop on our white sandy beach and its crystal clear water. You can’t get more Australian than that?

Thrill seeker kids
For all those fearless mini thrill seekers who love a dose of adrenaline we’ve got the perfect activities for you. Adventure the Stradbroke island on 4-wheel drive tour, sand board down the steep dunes like a V8 race car driver or become a mermaid under the sea with a bit of family diving. Straddie is not the place to hold back, create unforgettable memories that your kids have always dreamt of.

North Stradbroke Island is located southeast of Brisbane, with a quick 50-minute ferry ride to and from. Straddie is so incredibly close yet so perfectly isolated, it makes for the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of childhood stresses of doing homework, getting dressed and brushing your teeth. The important things, right?

Don’t let those summer holiday adventures go to waste, stop that school holiday nag of “I’m bored” and create some amazing family memories with you and your kids.

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